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Cooperation between UNS and South Korea on Research on Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

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UNS - Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta continues to enhance educational service as an effort to produce globally competitive graduates. In order to actualize the goal, UNS build cooperation and work in partnership with Chungnam National University (CNU). CNU was chosen because it ranks the top ten National University in South Korea. The cooperation was written on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed on Tuesday (7/2/2017).

Jun-Heon Lee (left) and Ravik Karsidi (Right) signing the MoU to establish research collaboration aimed for the development of educational service. This cooperation is a follow-up to the faculty-level MoU, agreed in the middle of 2016, between Agriculture Faculty of UNS and College of Agriculture and Life Science of CNU.

Delegations from CNU, Dr. Yu Yong Man, the Dean of Post Graduate School, and Dr. Lee Jun Heon, the Vice President for International Affairs, were warmly welcomed by Ravik Karsidi, the Rector of UNS, in rector’s room at dr. Prakosa building. He welcomed this cooperation and the further development that will be executed.“Officially, today, we are building cooperation on education and research field, which is started from Agriculture Faculty. However there are ten faculties in UNS. I hope we can develop cooperation with the other faculties in the future,” said Ravik.

UNS and CNU will conduct various research collaborations, started on agriculture and animal husbandry. Both universities are simultaneously developing black rice, because of which the collaborative research will result in very potential development. Any further research is likely to be conducted in the laboratory of CNU. In terms of animal husbandry, UNS and CNU will focus on biotechnology. (Herlangga Hizkiawan/Eln/Ref).

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