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Fakultas Pertanian UNS Jalin Kerjasama Bidang Pendidikan dan Penelitian dengan Kangwon National University (KNU) Korea Selatan

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Based upon the principles of equality and the desire of mutual benefit, the Faculty of Agriculture of Universitas Sebelas Maret and the College of Animal Life Sciences of Kangwon National University agree to foster educational and academic exchange in order to promote deeper understanding between the Republic of Indonesia and the Republic of Korea.

Both parties agree to participate in the following activities: (1). Students and researchers exchange program for educational and training program, (2) Research collaboration, (3) Academic information sharing, (4) Other activities which are benefited to educational program of both parties.

This Agreement will be effective for three years from the day of the signing, and may be revised or terminated after consultation and consent between the two parties. The detailed plans and conditions of the activities are specified in any further Memoranda. Each of the two parties will appoint persons in change of negotiation between the two parties so that the joint activities can be carried out smoothly.

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