Vision, Mission, and Goals

About Us


Study program of animal science is the education institutions and development of science / technology in an integrated and sustainable farming


  1. Conducting educational in the animal science fields to produce graduates who are competent and devoted.
  2. Conducting research to develop science / technology that is useful for the development of animal science.
  3. Held a dedication to the community to implement and disseminate the science / technology

Goals to be achieved:

  1. Produce graduates who are knowledgeable, capable, skilled, acting, personality and high-toned character.
  2. Generate knowledge / innovative and superior technology for the development of a sustainable and integrated farming
  3. Implement and disseminate the science / technology to the public in order to promote sustainable and integrated farming systems
  4. Develop an internal management system / management institution for the implementation capable of supporting education, research and dedication to the community.