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The challenge in developing the world of livestock in Indonesia is an effort to increase livestock productivity. This is in line with the increase in demand for animal food products as a result of population growth, locally, nationally and globally. The potential of natural resources and the availability of local livestock require assets that require serious handling in order to achieve self-sufficiency in food from livestock. In the future, the challenges of livestock development will become more complex related to strategic issues such as zoonotic diseases, climate change and genetic erosion of both plants and animals. For this purpose, competent human resources are needed who can control the livestock development program to be more focused, in addition to being able to master technology that is constantly evolving to solve problems in the field of animal husbandry. Animal husbandry is no longer a field that can be underestimated, with low competence and without technology. Currently, livestock is transformed into a field that plays an important role for health, development of future generations and is full of applications of modern biotechnology. For this reason, a Bachelor of Animal Husbandry is needed to answer the challenges of industrialization in the field of animal husbandry that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and profitable.