Study curriculum

The latest curriculum of Animal Husbandry Study Program reconstructed the resulting workshop curriculum on 23 September 2020. In the curriculum resulting from the Workshop there were several changes made based on the flow of course formation through determining the profile of graduates, determining PLO, and study materials to produce an OBE-based curriculum (Outcome Based education). Some of the changes that have occurred include the formation of new courses oriented towards the 4.0 Revolution and Society 5.0, as well as the repositioning of course placements in the new curriculum. Based on the guidelines for the reconstruction of the 2020 LPPMP MBKM Curriculum, the Study Program made several changes to the placement of courses, especially those that could be recognized by the 8 MBKM schemes in the 5th semester and above. The Animal Husbandry Study Program follows the outline of the KPT (Higher Education curriculum) in the development of the current MBKM curriculum. MBKM activities that can be recognized for changing courses include:

  1. Student exchange
  2. Internship / work practice
  3. Teaching assistance in educational units
  4. Research / Research
  5. Humanitarian projects
  6. Entrepreneurial activities
  7. Independent studies / projects
  8. Building villages / Community Service Program

The following is the Curriculum Structure of the Animal Husbandry Study Program.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”STUDY CURRICULUM- LIST OF COURSES IN ENGLISH”]