Program Educational Objectives (PEO)


Program Educational Objectives (PEO) otherwise known as Graduate Profiles (GP). A PEO can be defined as a broadly meaningful statement describing what the graduate expects to achieve at least five years prior to graduation. The Animal Science Study Program has three PEOs, namely the PEO of knowledge, skills and character.

1) Have basic knowledge of animal husbandry science and the application of effective and efficient animal husbandry technology supported by knowledge of the principles of leadership, communication and management of livestock resources to achieve a sustainable livestock production system

2) Able to apply logical, critical, innovative, quality, and measurable thinking in performing types of work based on the results of analysis of information and data based on scientific principles, procedures and ethics, as well as being able to apply effective and efficient livestock production systems.

3) Having the attitude of respecting differences in culture, religion and views of others and being responsible in their fields of expertise with the spirit of being independent, tough and entrepreneurs.

The profiles of graduates from the Animal Science Study Program are prepared based on the national curriculum and KKNI with the ability in basic knowledge, science and technology, analytical skills, and are responsible for their roles as: managers, entrepreneurs, scientists and communicators.